Unexpected Play button for Embedded SlideShark in Brainshark CRM Connector for Salesforce or live.brainshark.com in Chrome


When using Chrome there is a Chrome feature that is forcing a play button to sit on top of the SlideShark Thumbnails when going into the Present Mode.

Cause: This is not something Brainshark/SlideShark can control. This is caused by a Chrome feature and the only way to prevent this from occurring is to follow the below steps.


1. Click on Chrome Menu bar and goto Settings
2. Click on show Advanced settings
3. Click on Content Settings
4. For the plugin setting choose "Let me choose'
5. Refresh the Salesforce Page
6. In the address bar you should see a plugin being blocked click on it and choose Always allow from https sites and click done
7. Refresh the Salesforce page. If the button goes away....
8. Go Back to the Settings tab in Chrome and for the plugin setting choose the Recommended Setting to Detect and Run
9. Refresh the salesforce page. That should resolve the issue with the play button that is generated by Chrome


If you need additional assistance please contact support@brainshark.com

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