Enforce # of attempts per question explained

"Enforce # of attempts per question” . Maybe this will help.

  1. The Administration Setting "Allow authors to specify retries for questions:" controls the ability for an author to specify the the number of attempts a user is able to answer a question during a single view.
  2. The setting "Enforce # of Attempts per question" controls whether the retries limit is extended beyond a single launch and once the limit is reached they will not be able to answer the question again. (Unless the admin setting noted above is disabled)
  3. The # of Attempts per course setting controls how many times a user can launch the course. An attempt is counted only if a question is answered during the view.
  4. If a course is edited then the number and question retries and course attempts is reset and user would be able to answer the questions again and launch the content if they had previously hit the limits.
  5. The Administration setting to "Allow authors to specify retries for questions:" when toggled is not considered a Course edit since the setting is outside of the edit course function but it does have an effect on the ability to answer questions that had been limited to a specific number of questions retries (enforced or not).
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