Enforce # of attempts per question feature

If enabled by a Company Admin, authors have the option to enforce the number of attempts per question. Below is a summary of how the setting behaves when enabled and common behavior when using the setting.

  1. The Administration Setting "Allow authors to specify retries for questions:" controls the ability for an author to specify the the number of attempts a user is able to answer a question during a single view.
  2. The setting "Enforce # of Attempts per question" controls whether the retries limit is extended beyond a single launch and once the limit is reached they will not be able to answer the question again. (Unless the admin setting noted above is disabled)
  3. If a course is edited then the number of question retries is reset. A user would then be able to answer the questions again if they had previously hit the limits set.
  4. The Administration setting to "Allow authors to specify retries for questions:" when toggled is not considered a Course edit since the setting is outside of the edit course function but it does have an effect on the ability to answer questions that had been limited to a specific number of questions retries (enforced or not).
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