Brainshark Learning tab in Salesforce --> Brainshark Staging

Problem: Users are being prompted to login to Brainshark when accessing the Brainshark Learning Tab when the SA installation is configured to go to Brainshark Staging environment.

Cause: The webtab that comes with the SA installation "Brainshark Learning" is hardcoded to point to Brainshark production environment.{!API.Session_ID}&ctwsurl={!API.Partner_Server_URL_90}



1. Dont use the Brainshark Learning webtab and use the Brainshark Visual Force page on a tab in Salesforce instead.

2. Create a new webtab in Salesforce to point to Brainshark's Staging Environment.{!API.Session_ID}&ctwsurl={!API.Partner_Server_URL_90}


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