Release Notes September 17, 2016

September 17, 2016

Product Release Notes


    Brainshark Players

HTML5 Player Improvements
The HTML5 player now displays content details, the author’s bio and photo, any Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the viewer’s Viewing History.  There is now an option to view in full screen. 


Flash Player: Quality Control Indicator

There is a new icon in the Flash Player that allows a viewer to choose which video stream quality they wish to receive. By default, it should automatically select an appropriate speed based on connection and will only appear for video slides.


    Brainshark for Coaching

Structured Feedback

This feature allows challenge reviewers to enter feedback for each unique challenge criteria, in addition to providing overall feedback.  These additional comments are optional for the reviewer to complete. 




  • Resolved an issue where Apple iOS 10 users were unable to login to a Brainshark application
  • 'Manage Slides' and 'Edit Slide' should not randomize the audio/question at all
  • Videos in html5 player are being sent http when it should be https
  • IVR time limit to record audio increased from 20 to 50 minutes

    Brainshark for Learning

  • Hide courses when exam in progress is not working
  • Prompted to login when accessing Learning content from SF1 app
  • SCORM course will not go to complete in IE only [HTML5 Player]
  • Automatically set status to complete when a student opens the URL Link does not work if course is in a curriculum

    Brainshark for Coaching

  • Fixed column sorting issues on My Challenges dashboard
  • Added user message to not let phone sleep during upload
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