Automated Bulk Upload Process

Automatic Bulk Upload Processing




  • Runs once per day.
  • Brainshark (Operations) will create a generic cadmin account for upload.
  • Customer to specify email address where logs from the run will go.
  • File needs to be our standard bulkupload csv format.
  • The file would need to be delivered to our FTP Server.
  • Enable Integration Objects, Enable API/WebServices Basic Access and Enable API/WebServices Content Modification must be enabled for the company in /site.
  • Operations will work with a specified cadmin to test the process.




   We can process any number of users, but we would break the file into chunks of 10K and process each file separately.

   If the user is processing a large # of users > 50,000 we might want to talk to them about scheduling these on the weekends instead of during the week.

If the customer must have the file processed at a certain time we can do that


Setup Time

   Assuming the requirements above are met… setup time is approx. 1 day from the time all requirements are satisfied.  Support would send the answers to the questions to Operations through an escalation.




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