Playing Unhooked Flash content locally

Brainshark - Playing Unhooked flash content locally

Video explaining the Flash Security panel


1. Download and save the .zip ( if enabled )

2. Extract the files locally

3. Locate and double click on presentationtitle.htm file an launch in a browser

4. When opening the file in the browser you should see blank white screen. Copy the directory path from the address line.

Ex: file:///C:/Users/mswisher/Downloads/123testembeddedwavaudio-564379178-SWF/

5. Then do a Right Mouse click and select Global Settings 

6. Then select Global Security Setting panel

7. Then Add location 

8. And paste the file path URL in the "Trust this location" and click Confirm to save

9. Launch the presentationtitle.htm file again and it should open and play locally.


Notes: We have to save the location and a trusted location for flash to play. 

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