Unable to access your microphone/camera

When users are attempting to respond to a Coaching Challenge by using the "Record with Webcam" option, then might see an error message like the below and be unable to record.

"Unable to access your microphone/camera. Please check your browser's content settings and refresh your page."

Flash Recorder Instructions:

This message is typically generated by the Flash recorder when Brainshark does not have permissions to access the local computer's microphone or camera devices.

The Flash player settings can be accessed by right-clicking within the recorder box and choosing settings. This should open a Adobe Flash Player settings window.


On the PRIVACY tab, you must grant app.brainshark.com or/and www.brainshark.com permission to access your camera and microphone. Check the ALLOW button and close.


 HTML5 Recorder Instructions:

Chrome Only:

To the left of the web URL, click the "i" or lock icon to open a drop down of site settings (see screenshot). Check that both Camera and Microphone are set to Allow.


If you do not Camera and Microphone settings listed, please select Site Settings at the bottom of the menu. This will open a new tab where you can set Microphone and Camera to Allow.

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