Unable to connect to Media Server

When recording with a USB device in Brainshark the functionality produces streaming MP4 Flash audio which will initially try to transfer data through port 1935 (uses RTMP protocol). If the port is blocked (we do not support the use of proxy servers) the application will automatically failover to port 80 [HTTP or RTMPT (RTMP over HTTP)]. Both use streaming Flash, .flv, audio files.

Please note: A high security proxy, such as Blue Coat, will detect traffic that does not conform to the HTTP protocol and block the traffic.

With the addition of Flash-less recording options, the new HTML recording feature requires these ports to be allowed as well. The UDP range is between 6970 and 9999.

The application is currently configured to connect to our streaming media server (s1.brainshark.com) which has an IP address of

We recommend whitelisting *.brainshark.com instead of referencing specific host names or IP Addresses as they may be changed at any time in the future without notice.

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