Automated Bulk Upload Process

Brainshark allows for the automation of the bulk user upload process which runs once a day by having the file delivered to our FTP server. If interested in automating the bulk user upload process please submit a customer support ticket by reaching out to with the required information below.

Customer provided requirements:

  • Permission for Brainshark to create a generic Company Admin account for upload
  • Which email address(es) to receive logs from the processing of the file
  • A bulk user upload .csv file in the standard bulk user upload format
  • The file will need to be delivered to our FTP Server
  • Brainshark will need work with a Company Admin to test the process 

Important Information:

   Brainshark can process any number of users, but will break requests into batches of 10,000 users for processing

   If a request exceeds 50,000 users, Brainshark may require the upload to be processed outside of peak usage hours. 

Setup Time

  Setup time is approximately one(1) day from the time all required information has been collected.  Support will send the required criteria to Operations for setup through an escalation.




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