How to increase adoption of Coaching



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    Lachance, Eric D.

    Having a clear communication from leadership about why coaching is important, what they want to accomplish and what they will be looking for is a great first step. Coaching initiatives are all about making your reps better at what they do daily. 

    Starting off with an informal or "fun" challenge is a great way to introduce a coaching program. Leading by example is another way to get buy in from the participants; have an internal team respond to a challenge and use those responses to build a Brainshark presentation to share.

    A pilot group is another way to get the word about Coaching out to other participants, pick a few reps that you know won't have a problem responding to a challenge. After you get their responses, send another challenge to get their feedback to talk about their hesitations and where they see coaching helping them.

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  • Jennifer-Rose Minihan

    I would suggest starting off with an informal coaching activity (not graded). This will help them to get familiar with the application without the pressure of being graded on their first submission. 

    You can start off with a simple activity such as having them provide a 2 minute intro of themselves on their background, hobbies, etc. 

    In the instructions, include a sample Brainshark of yourself performing the same activity to serve as an example for them.  

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