[RECORDING] 10 Keys to Creating Engaging Brainshark Presentations (from the 5/15/19 webinar)



  • Don Rayner Jr.

    Overall I thought it was very useful. Some of the speakers seemed better prepared than others, and a lot of the content seemed obvious to me. But I did get a few good morsels out of it and was glad I attended. Most importantly, the advantage of writing the script first before anything else, and pasting it into the slides "notes" area.

    >> Thank you for attending and for your thoughtful feedback.  We will double our efforts to make sure our preparation and delivery is better in future webinars. - Pat Kelly

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  • Monich, Lana

    Great presentation. 

    >> Thank you for attending.  I hope you find the recording to be a useful resource. - Pat Kelly

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  • Diane Baraket

    This presentation was short and sweet addressing many common basic questions, specifically one I had about duration times that a typical presentation should be to keep interest for the viewer so they are not bored or easily lose focus quickly. I found the section that mentioned using the guest book was helpful to limit the fields. One thing you could mention is that if the user initially enters in info they have a choice to save their entry so they don’t have to sign in again. I typically send an email to my viewers and mention these things:

    Data provided will not be shared with third party companies and is solely used for internal purposes.

    Note: If you select “Remember Me” before clicking on Submit, it won’t ask you repeatedly to sign in going forward every time you want to review the presentation.

    In all honesty, a couple of the presenters spoke very quickly, so it seemed rushed. It wasn’t natural as you could tell they were reading from a script. But overall I enjoyed the topics provided and forwarded it on to my other colleagues. Keep these coming! I look forward to future tutorials.

    >> Hi Diane,  I am glad you found some helpful information and thank you for sharing your own best practice which is a great idea.  It is so important to know your audience and give them the information they need to make the experience as good as it can be.  Your example does that for your audience. I appreciate your candor about the delivery of the content and we will work on presenting in a more conversational pace so that the experience is better. - Pat Kelly

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  • Sarah Kemble

    It was an overall helpful presentation.  The biggest takeaways I got were to write your script ahead of time - which would save time in the long run and make it more cohesive.  It was also helpful to know the appropriate length of presentations. 

    I was hoping that presentation design would be covered - how to make them more visually appealing, how to use features of PowerPoint, video files, etc. so that it feels and appears more professional and not as boring as someone recording over slides (which can already be done in PowerPoint anyway).  I wasn't a huge fan of the constant switching of multiple speakers - maybe only two different people would have been better. 

    I was glad I tuned in for the tidbits I did receive, but wish there was more I would have gotten out of it. 

    >> Thank you for attending and your honest feedback.  We will work to make sure our delivery is better in future webinars. Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming June "Training Program Design" webinar - Pat Kelly

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