How is your 2021 Sales Kick Off different from 2020?



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  • Kelly, Patrick W.

    OK I will go first.  Our enablement team has been working overtime to put together a program that is thorough and engaging. Kudos to them and to all of you who are working just as hard, being just as thoughtful, diligent and creative.  The key of course to get folks ready.  Our approach in this remote working world is to use multiple technologies to get it done.  We have some content that is pre-recorded in Brainshark to lay the foundation of information, we have some live sessions where we can share information with the team at large and then use breakout rooms to create opportunities for discussion and clarification.  Then we have follow up recorded content in Brainshark to reinforce the messaging and learning that is key to moving forward in 2021.  Finally, we have coaching activities in Brainshark to make sure that everyone can apply what they learned.  Coaching gives each learner an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery over the skill or material and it gives the managers an opportunity to coach anyone who can use the additional support.  Then it gives the enablement team an opportunity to take the best examples and give them back to the team in the form of peer learning.  While we cannot recreate the joy of handshakes and open bars, we can make sure that everyone is ready for 2021 and has every opportunity to excel.  So what is your kick off like this year?

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